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UBL is an exciting institution that has served the church in Latin America and the Caribbean for almost 100 years. Throughout this time, churches and individuals from around the world have walked with us and contributed their prayers, time, talent, and financial support. We invite you to become a part of UBL’s ongoing mission to equip women and men for ministries of social transformation through theological education programs that are pertinent to the Latin American and Caribbean context.

Explore the various ways to get involved with the UBL and contact us at if you have any questions.


Over the years UBL volunteers have contributed their expertise, time, and energy to many different areas of the work and life of UBL. Several return year after year and have become a part of the UBl family. Volunteers live on campus and work in the library, contribute technological expertise, teach English, cultivate the campus gardens, sew curtains and cushions for campus buildings and furniture, contribute to strategic planning and development, the online education program, translations, and many other areas of university life.

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Do you have gifts you would like to share with UBL? Open positions include, but are not limited to, library work, gardening and grounds, English social media manager, urban garden program (forthcoming), among others.

Write us and ask about volunteering at the UBL:

- Volunteer Application Form
- Information Sheet

Giving Opportunities

Did you know?

  • That in 2022 UBL, initially the Latin American Biblical Seminary, will celebrate 100 years of service in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • That in the past 25 years, over 300 students from various countries and denominations have received accredited degrees in Theological Studies and Biblical Studies.
  • That over 80% of UBL students are able to study thanks to scholarship support UBL received from friends, churches, and partner institutions.
  • That your gifts and contributions make possible scholarships, support faculty and library resources.

We invite you to continue partnering with us as we serve the church and society in Latin America preparing leaders for ministries of transformation.

Donations can be made by check, credit or debit card. Tax-deductible gifts can be made through the Presbyterian Church (USA) Extra Commitment Opportunity Project Accounts.

UBL Scholarship Program

In 2019, 20 students from 7 countries and 10 denominations, received accredited degrees in Biblical Studies and Theological Studies. They are now in their countries serving in churches, educational institutions, seminaries, and faith-based organizations addressing critical issues in their communities. Contributions to this fund ensure that UBL programs remain accessible to incoming students as they provide scholarships for their studies both in residence and online.

E344202 – UBL Student Scholarships

UBL Library Services

The Harry Strachan Library, named after one of the founders of the Latin American Biblical Seminary, provides resources for UBL educational programs as well as visitors from other theological institutions who research at UBL. A significant collection of historical documents is complemented by bibliography in several languages on Biblical studies, Theology, Latin American theologies, social sciences, gender studies, and numerous other topics. Library services include providing materials for online students, supporting student research projects, and providing materials for course work and faculty research. The library is transforming itself to meet the demands of online education and the new challenges the Latin American context presents UBL students. This fund supports library acquisitions, equipment and the all important librarian staff position.

E862565 – Enhancing the Latin American Biblical University Library Services

UBL Programs

UBL offers university degrees in Bible and Theology at the Bachelors, Licenciate and Masters levels, as well as a Masters degree in Religious Studies, Gender and Diversity. Continuing education programs and diplomas provide opportunities for theological and biblical education for men and women from all walks of life. UBL’s commitment to social justice, gender equality, and ecological justice are core elements of all programs, publications, and projects. This fund provides resources that allow for these programs and materials to reach students online and in the classroom in Costa Rica.

E865533 – Latin American Biblical University Programs

For direct contributions:


Make check outs to:
Asociación Seminario Bíblico Latinoamericano
SJO 2174
P.O. Box 025216
Miami, Fl 33102-5216


The UBL welcomes groups from churches, colleges and seminaries who wish to explore faith and social concerns in this part of God's world. Participants learn about how issues such as climate change, immigration, gender-based violence and export agriculture affect people living in Costa Rica and Latin America. With the help of UBL faculty and students, study group members engage the biblical text in new ways. Site visits and guest speakers share how people motivated by their faith are working for change in their communities. Visiting groups may participate in worship at local churches.

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Study groups stay on the UBL campus in the easily accessible El Bambú Guesthouse and meals are provided. The campus has green spaces providing a natural habitat to a variety of wildlife including the beautiful Motmots.

Email and contact information: / Dr. Karl Koll, UBL Study Group Facilitator


Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social network pages and join the international Friends of UBL group. Follow UBL’s progress as we embrace sustainability efforts to become a green university and address the challenges facing women, indigenous groups of Latin America and underserved individuals.

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